Hanoi Cycling Tour HD

Red River Island

The Hanoi Red River Island Half Day Bicycle Trip includes a bike and a knowledgeable guide. Embark on a remarkable exploration of Hanoi through our newly-discovered Red River Island Hanoi Bike Tour Half Day. In just half a day, you'll have the opportunity to discover the Banana Island near the Old Quarter of Hanoi.


The half-day bicycle tour kicks off at our bike garage, where our biking guide will provide a briefing on the biking route, riding tips, and essential information about cycling in Hanoi. After ensuring your bikes are in top condition, we'll embark on a warm-up ride along a quiet narrow road, away from the bustling noise of bike horns.

As we pedal along these charming streets, we'll make our way to a delightful peach garden and cross a river to enter an expansive corn field. Cycling through the corn fields and vegetable gardens, you'll experience the tranquility and peace that permeates the surroundings within minutes.

During our journey, you'll hear the occasional dog bark, observe farmers tending to their fields, and witness children playing with simple toys in their courtyards. We'll make a stop at a local house, giving you the opportunity to interact with friendly locals and further enhance your trip.

Next, we'll venture to the historic Long Bien Bridge, a remarkable cantilever bridge spanning the Red River, connecting different parts of Hanoi. Also known as the Paul Doumer Bridge, it holds significant historical value. After crossing the bridge, we'll continue cycling through local villages, scenic rice fields, and encounter plenty of warm smiles along the way. Accompanied by our guide, you'll gain insights into rice cultivation, village life, and local rituals.

As we return to the garage around noon, the ride concludes, and you can arrange a taxi to return to your hotel. Your Hanoi Cycling Tour Half Day Red River Island experience comes to an end.