Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Welcome to Ba Ria Vung Tau, a coastal province in southern Vietnam known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant city life, and historical significance. Whether you're seeking sun-soaked relaxation or thrilling water sports, Ba Ria Vung Tau offers a diverse range of attractions and activities to suit every traveler. Here's a comprehensive travel guide to help you make the most of your visit to Ba Ria Vung Tau.

Most Popular Attractions

Vung Tau City

Start your Ba Ria Vung Tau journey in Vung Tau, a bustling coastal city known for its sandy beaches and vibrant atmosphere. Visit popular beaches like Bai Truoc (Front Beach) and Bai Sau (Back Beach), and explore landmarks such as the White Palace and the statue of Jesus Christ on Nui Nho Mountain.

Con Dao Islands

Embark on a memorable trip to the Con Dao Islands, an archipelago known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and rich marine life. Explore the historic Con Dao Prison, enjoy snorkeling or diving, and take in the breathtaking natural beauty of the islands.

Long Hai Beach

Relax and soak up the sun at Long Hai Beach, a tranquil stretch of coastline with golden sands and clear blue waters. Enjoy beachside activities, indulge in fresh seafood, and unwind in the peaceful ambiance.

Minh Dam Mountain

Hike or take a cable car ride up Minh Dam Mountain for panoramic views of Ba Ria Vung Tau. Explore the beautiful pagoda and temples on the mountain and experience a sense of tranquility amidst the stunning natural surroundings.

Travel Activities

Water Sports

Ba Ria Vung Tau offers a range of water sports for adventure enthusiasts. Try activities like jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat rides, or kayaking. Dive into the refreshing waters and enjoy the thrill of these exciting water sports.


Ba Ria Vung Tau is home to several world-class golf courses. Spend a day teeing off amidst scenic landscapes and well-manicured greens. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the stunning courses and facilities available.

Fishing Village Tours

Explore the local fishing villages and gain insights into the traditional fishing industry. Take a boat tour, interact with fishermen, and learn about their daily routines and fishing techniques.

Cai River Cruise

Embark on a leisurely cruise along the Cai River, which runs through the heart of Ba Ria Vung Tau. Enjoy the scenic views, observe the local way of life along the riverbanks, and savor a delicious seafood meal on board.

Best Places to Stay

Vung Tau City

Stay in Vung Tau City for easy access to the beaches, restaurants, and city attractions. The city offers a wide range of accommodations, including luxury resorts, mid-range hotels, and budget guesthouses.

Long Hai Beach

For a more relaxed and serene atmosphere, consider staying in a beachfront resort or hotel in Long Hai. Wake up to stunning ocean views and enjoy direct access to the beach.

Local Foods


Ba Ria Vung Tau is renowned for its fresh and delicious seafood. Indulge in grilled prawns, steamed clams, fried squid, and other mouthwatering seafood dishes at local restaurants and seafood markets.

Banh Khot

Try Banh Khot, a local specialty made from rice flour and coconut milk batter. These mini pancakes are topped with shrimp, mung beans, and herbs, and are served with a dipping sauce. They are a popular snack in Ba Ria Vung Tau.

Banh Canh Cha Ca

Savor Banh Canh Cha Ca, a specialty fish soup with thick noodles. This flavorful dish is made with fresh fish, herbs, and a rich broth. It's a comforting and popular choice among locals and visitors alike.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Ba Ria Vung Tau is from November to April when the weather is dry and pleasant. During this period, you can enjoy the beaches, explore the attractions, and engage in outdoor activities comfortably. However, Ba Ria Vung Tau can be visited year-round, and even during the rest of the year, there are still plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy.


How do I get to Ba Ria Vung Tau from major cities in Vietnam?

Ba Ria Vung Tau is easily accessible from Ho Chi Minh City. You can take a bus, taxi, or private car from the city to reach Ba Ria Vung Tau. The journey takes approximately two to three hours.

Are there English-speaking tour guides available in Ba Ria Vung Tau?

English-speaking tour guides may be available in Ba Ria Vung Tau, especially in popular tourist areas like Vung Tau. It's advisable to book guided tours through local tour agencies or your accommodations to enhance your exploration and understanding of the region.

Is it safe to swim in the waters of Ba Ria Vung Tau?

Yes, swimming in the waters of Ba Ria Vung Tau is generally safe. However, it's advisable to follow safety precautions, pay attention to any warning signs, and be aware of any strong currents or changing weather conditions.

Are there any specific cultural customs or etiquette to be aware of in Ba Ria Vung Tau?

Ba Ria Vung Tau is a culturally diverse region. It's important to respect the local customs and traditions. When visiting temples or pagodas, dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering. Remember to be courteous and considerate towards the local communities and their way of life.

Ba Ria Vung Tau invites you to enjoy its coastal charm, indulge in its flavors, and embrace its natural beauty. Whether you're basking in the sun, exploring historic sites, or engaging in thrilling water activities, Ba Ria Vung Tau promises an unforgettable and rejuvenating travel experience.