Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Express Train

Traveling by train through the length of the country is a great way of seeing Vietnam as the local people, offering you an unforgettable local life experience. It is a way of becoming part of the scene and shedding the perspective of the detached onlooker.

Trains will take you from North to South or v/v passing by several major attractions along the way, including the picturesque ancient town of Hoi An, the awe-inspiring Hai Van pass, the former Imperial capital of Hue, the scenic coastal area of Nha Trang and the vibrant metropolis of Saigon.

Train conditions will vary but for the most part will be of a comfortable standard. The scenery is particularly breathtaking and you will have the chance to meet a multitude of people from farmers to ethnic hill tribes, as well as a host of smiling children along the way.