Bicycle Rental

Mountain Bicycles

We have a big fleet of high-quality Trek Bicycles for rent at our bike garage in Hanoi. There is a good bicycle available for all participants from ages eight and up with 24 gears and handbrakes. Kid bikes have only one speed gear.

The bikes are equipped with:

  • Lock
  • Water bottle
  • Simple repair tool kit.

There are different frame sizes available according to your height.

Rental price: $US 15 per bike per day (A deposit is required).

Bike Helmet

Although wearing a bicycle helmet is not required in Vietnam, we highly recommend doing so. Children are required to wear the helmets that are provided with the children’s bicycles/seats/trailer bikes. Helmets for adults are included with the trip package. You can order them when booking or bring your own.

Children Bicycles

We offer small bikes for children (from about 8 years) who are able to bike completely independently and have experience with biking up to 40 km per day (flat landscape). We advise you to make a day tour with your child/children prior to your biking holiday. A good alternative would be the trailer bike (see below). A child’s bike has only one gear, hand brakes. A helmet is included.

Bike rental: $US 10 per bike per day (A deposit is required).

Trailer Bike

For children who are not able to bike fully independently we offer trailer bikes. They are the ideal solution to give children a sense of independence without the dangers of participating in traffic. This one-wheeled bicycle is attached to the bicycle of the adult. The child pedals whereas the adult helps a little by ‘pulling’ the bicycle forward. The trailer bike has 1 gear and is adviced for children from age 5 to 8 (up to 35 kilo = 77 pounds). A helmet is included.

Bike rental: $US 10 per bike per day (A deposit is required).

Child seat

We don’t provide child seats for children. You should bring your own or buy this in Hanoi.