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Hiking Tours is our collection of best Vietnam trekking holidays we arrange in Vietnam. Options include easy walks, medium hikes, and hard, challenging treks which may fit individuals, family holidays and small group of hikers.

Vietnam offers remarkable scenery that every hiker will love to see – think plunging highland valleys, tiers of rice paddies and soaring limestone mountains. Anything is possible, from half-day walks in Sapa, 3 day climb to assaults on the lofty Fansipan, Vietnam’s highest mountain, 5 day trek in the far north of Cao Bang or Ha Giang in the northeast region of Vietnam.

In the remote hill country of northern Vietnam, close to the borders with China and Laos, there are opportunities to trek through a region little known to mainstream tourism, where traditional ethnic minority communities welcome hikers to stay in their simple homes. Here you’ll have fascinating insights into traditions and cultures far removed from the modern, urban Vietnamese way of life. The trekking trails in this region take you from village to village past extensive and beautifully terraced rice paddies and into the forested hills, meeting and chatting with local farmers along the way.

Most of our hiking tours are private customized. These adventure packages can be arranged whenever to fit your schedule. Just let us know the size of your group, duration of the trip, and/or your budget we will customize an trekking itinerary for you.

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