Is the price too high?

We are a local tour operator. That is normal that we provide a service and get profit. Therefore, money is not the only thing we work for. We work for us and for the community as well. You will find that most of our trips are provided in the remote areas or countryside villages where people’s life is very simple. We try to make our tours as much “localized” as possible: our destinations experts are locals, we use our local tour guide, we use local porters during the hike, we propose homestay in our tours offering you the opportunity to eat and to sleep like a local. Our guests have the opportunity to experience the real life. The local people have the opportunity to sell their service.

We understand that the competition is hard. There are thousands of travel agencies, tourist companies and tour operators offering tours to Vietnam. Besides you can also buy a tour, service from un-registered agents like hotel desk, tour guides, or other local vendors… We are not allowed to put a huge markup on our tours. We don’t overcharge the client.

Is the price too low?

The quality is our primary concern. We will refuse to sell a service that does not meet our company quality standard. That does not mean we only provide high-end service. But services that are clean and good enough that can make you happy. Our CEO has spent over 18 years in hospitality and he understand that the success of a trip is not only the ability to find out all the cheap service in town.

We don’t want to make the cost lower by downgrading the service quality; We will not try to persuade you to buy our service at any price. But we will do our best to find the best relationship between price and quality. We will do everything we can to ensure that you are happy with every cent you spend on the tour you book with us.

How to bargain?

Bargaining is not a strange fact in Vietnam. In supermarket and big shops, prices are clearly shown and fixed. But in many places in Vietnam where people bargain, especially in open-air markets, street shops and rural areas. The sellers don’t show the price and the price will be informed only when it is asked for. Most of sellers increase the prices in order that the buyers bargain. If you are good at bargaining, you may like this trick and you can have it at a good price.

We are not good at bargaining. We don’t like this trick neither. Our time is precious and we appreciate your time as well. We would prefer spending our time on the tour arrangements to the price negotiation. We never increase our prices to make our prices negotiable.

How to get a better solution?

After you receive our first Service Proposal, if you think the price is not what you expected (lower or higher), please give us one more chance by letting us know your thoughts. We will discuss with you to find out a better solution. We will see how we can increase or reduce the cost to match your personal requirements. Any change in the itinerary or travel service will make the tour cost higher or lower. And we know how to keep the best balance between the tour cost vs service quality.