Xuong Giang Festival

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Xuong Giang Festival

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30 Jan -

Bac Giang

xuong giang festival

Xuong Giang festival is held on the 6th and 7th of the lunar January in Bac Giang province, northeast Vietnam. It reflects the magnanimous history of our country against invaders through cultural images in Xuong Giang.

Before the festival opening date, in the evening of the 5th of lunar January, the young hold camp fire. At that night, in villages, hamlets, wards and communes, people almost do not sleep. They prepare for the process on the later year. In communal houses, temples, pagodas, shrines and cultural houses, they fire torches overnight until the 5th watch of the next day to line and bring gongs and drums to the festival place.

Ke village group starts taking the group representing saints Cao Minh and Quy Minh to come to the festival. This group gathers people from Tieu village, Ke village and Vinh village to come to streets.

The procession of Thanh village and Ve village also bring things of saints Cao Son and Quy Minh to attend. These two villages lie next to the North of Xuong Giang. In the resistance war against Minh enemy, they came back and made the enemy aghast, thinking that we had the support from the divine man when we built the wall in one night.

The procession of Hoai Yen village moves noisily with the spirit of army generals of Ly leu Van Minh against Chiem invader. They bring to the festival a pride because their ancestors were also present in the resistance war against Minh enemy.

Procession of Da Mai ward, Mi Do ward moves from the south bank of Thuong River and crosses Bac Giang bridge to the festival place. Da Mai village worships two princesses of Tran dynasty, who deserve well of fighting Nguyen enemy in the 13th century in this river section, so the village does not process palankeens but boats. They has a group of unicorns and lions with clairvoyant performing keenly, lively and beautifully. Mi Do people processes the august statute of the tutelary god with eight weapons, altar,…

The incense ceremony is held solemnly in the festival center. Here takes place the saluting the flag, delivering speeches, reading “Dai cao binh Ngo” and dancing performances. Among these ceremonies are theme songs which are strong and moving.

After the incense, the groups come back to their villages, hold Am Vi ceremony to place sacrificing things, weapons, palankeens and horses to their positions. However, Thanh and Ve villages start their festivals. Flags, palankeens and horses… are placed in front of the communal house yard. In the communal houses and temples of the two villages, games are organized, such as: swinging, chess, oar singing, incensing, sacrificing tutelary god and the incenses are continued until the 7th of January.

Xuong Giang festival is a newly re-organized festival. The form of festival is changed abundantly annually.




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