Da Communal House Festival

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Da Communal House Festival

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10 Feb -

Duy Tien

Da Communal House festival is celebrated on the 6th of the first lunar month in Da (Stone) Communal house in An Mong hamlet, Tien Phong commune, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province. Activities include worshiping ceremony, palanquin procession, Agriculture Genie worshiping ceremony and games such as wrestling and rowing.

Agriculture Genie worshiping ceremony: after presenting joss-sticks, wines, reading written prayer wishing for the peace for local residents, successful crops, the master of the ceremony and his assistants continue to control incense-table procession to a ploughed field near the communal house.

Boat rowing in Chau River is held at the river junction to the east of Tien Phong Commune (currently Quang Trung dam), where, according to the legend, Nguyet Nga Princess committed a suicide and a dragon boat appeared to take her down to river palace.

Wrestling game is also held to commemorate Nguyet Nga’s cause of training the troops. Legend has it that she often held this game to enhance the strength of soldiers.




    Duy Tien

    Tien Phong
    Duy Tien,Ha NamViet Nam

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