Cao Bang Trekking

Cao Bang trekking is the best way to discover Cao Bang spectacular limestone mountains landscapes, Ban Gioc waterfalls, Nguom Ngao cave as well as to experience the rich ethnic culture of several Vietnamese ethnic groups.

Cao Bang is a northern mountainous province, sharing a 311-km-long borderline with China. The Cao Bang province can only be reached by the road. It is one of the first places Vietnamese people inhabited, possibly for it’s natural abundance in farming land. Nowadays, people visit this watery wonderland to hike through the mountains and paddle through the springs, rivers, and the infamous Ban Gioc Waterfall.

We arrange in Cao Bang a wide selection of trekking tours offering you the chance to see beautiful karst formations, mountain sceneries, terraced paddy fields, and to experience the rich ethnic culture of the Tay and Nung people. You are easily impressed by the wild beauty of the nature and the beautiful landscape of Cao Bang.

When to go hiking in Cao Bang?

The best time for hiking in Cao Bang is the winter starting from October until April of the following year. During this period, the temperature is cool with little rain.

Due to the magnificent outdoor scenery with forests, mountains and natural destinations, you should better hike Cao Bang in the spring season, from February to May to avoid heavy rains and wet atmosphere.

If you want to witness the beautiful snow that may happen in Trung Khanh or Tra Linh Mount areas, you are supposed to come to Cao Bang from November to January.

In case you can only come in summer (June – September) we highly recommend you taking a road trips with easy, short day hikes.

Cao Bang trekking tours

Most of Cao Bang trekking tours are multi-day, long treks, provided along with homestay experience. All the trekking tours we arrange in Cao Bang are private, guided packages. The tour starts from Hanoi with English or French speaking guide, vehicle transfer, homestay, local porter and travel permit.

The two most popular hiking trails are the one we provide in Quang Hoa and the other starting from Ta Lung. 4 or 6 days are necessary to conqueror either trail.