Bac Ha Trekking

Bac Ha Trekking – Bac Ha is not only known for the big Sunday market, but also the off the beaten path place that offers beautiful treks through local hamlets, peach gardens, and terraced paddy fields.

Bac Ha offers a wide range of hikes ranging from half day easy treks to multi-day, long treks. The most popular hike is the easy half day walk that starts right from the Bac Ha town to the H’mong village of Ban Pho. Challenging trekking tours take you to more remote hill tribes villages such as Lung Khau Nhin, Na Cap, Quan Than San …

When is the best time to go trekking in Bac Ha?

The best time to go trekking in Bac Ha is the dry season starting from October until April of the following year. During this time, the weather is dry and cool with little rain. In the summer time, it is quite hot with big rain. Within this time, October and April are the two best months for going on a hike in Bac Ha.

The best trekking itinerary is customized based on the length of your stay, the date of your travel as well as your personal interests.

If you travel in the dry season – winter, all the itineraries are welcome. You can do either short trek, long treks, easy or challenging hikes, you always have the suitable weather. But if you travel to Bac Ha in summer we highly recommend some short day hikes are combined with a visit to local hill tribe market. Bac Ha market is open on Sunday morning, Can Cau market on Saturday, Lung Khau Nhin market on Thursday, Cao Son market on Wednesday, Coc Ly market on Tuesday. There is no market on Monday nor Friday.

Bac Ha trekking tours