Tour Guides

Tour Guide

A tour guide usually refers to local tour guide, who guide in a specific location or region. The Tour Guide is responsible for arrangements in his/her city or region, i.e. meals, local transportation local hotel arrangement, city introduction, and on-site commentary, etc.

Tour Leader

A Tour Leader (also known as a Tour Director or Tour Manger) is someone who leads a group throughout a country or part of a country. Their job entails providing commentary, routing the tour, timing the tour and looking after logistics like hotel check-ins and reservations for attractions.

The Tour Leader are with you throughout the whole trip and lead the group, giving them general information on the countries and cities/towns visited. They will help you with general guidance around a city/village, and give you information on the place visited on the bus, but they are not required to have specific knowledge on art architecture and history.

If the Tour Leader also has a license for Tour Guide, they can combine the two jobs by accompanying the tour to the place, giving general assistance and also a guided tour.

Ecotour Guide

The ecotour guide – is concerned with leading tours that highlight an area’s natural characteristics – natural parks, mountain walks, hiking, plants and flowers, geological features, etc. Ecotour Guide’s language skills may not be as good as those of a Tour Guide or Tour Leader. If you just need someone who can show you the trail then booking an ecotour guide is the best choice. But in the case you need huge knowledge about local culture, traditions, booking a tour guide is a better choice.

Which is the right guide for you?

If you are interested in gaining an in-depth insight into the art and history of a city or area, you need a licensed tour guide. You have different guides each time you arrive in a location/region. At Lotussia Travel we recommend a Tour Guide when you book a package that includes the following locations/places.

  • Region 1: Hanoi Red River Delta, Northwest Vietnam, Northeast Vietnam, Northern Vietnam (North + East)
  • Region 2: Central Vietnam including Hue, Da Nang and Hoian.
  • Region 3: Vietnam Central Highlands
  • Region 4: Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong River Delta.

If you travel in a big group size (Group Tours) you may need a Tour Leader that escorts you throughout your holiday. The Tour Leader can assist you on the train, on the plane…Vietnamese Tour Leaders are licensed Tour Guides. At Lotussia Travel we recommend a Tour Leader for any big group touring a regional tour (northern Vietnam, central Vietnam, southern Vietnam, Vietnam and Cambodia, Laos).

If you are interested in an area’s nature, then clearly you will be better off with an Ecotour Guide. At Lotussia Travel we recommend an Ecotour Guide when you book a short excursions starting from one of these places Sapa, Bac Ha, Mai Chau…

Based on your itineraries our Travel Consultant will recommend the best guiding option. You may need just an Ecotour Guide, or a Tour Guide or a Tour Leader plus with a Tour Guide…