Mission Statement

Customer Focus and Understanding

At Lotussia Travel we always seek to understand our customers’ needs, and provide them with timely, accurate, quality service. All of our guest requests are handled and replied within a working day. All initiatives we undertake, travel products we develop, and systems and processes we establish, are aligned with increasing value to our customers.

Value-for-money Service

With bulk purchasing and our expertise in the travel industry, we can get very competitive pricing from the local service suppliers in the region. With our experience in the industry, we can maintain a very economic overhead cost. Our team strongly believes we can offer you the greatest value for your money service. We are committed to long-term travel services in Vietnam as well as in the region.

Personalized Trips

We optimize the places visited based on the time the tourists have; the pace of the trip based on the interests of the travelers; the means of transportation and accommodation based on the clients’ interests and their budgets. We don’t suggest one same itinerary for all of our guest. When receiving a travel request, our team start working on specification of the traveler individual interests, the time and the budget they allow, then we optimize the itinerary to meet as many of the specifications as possible.


For our group tours, all our itineraries have been well thought out, researched and checked often to make sure that each individual of the group tours have enough free time and freedom to explore the countries as they like, enough chances for them to befriend and talk. We think that our team has to work on tours after which, the clients will have not only local friends, knowledge of the local culture, but also the friends from around the world. Many have found their business opportunities, business partners and life partners on the group tours with us which they have informed us after their tours.

Sustainable Tourism and Locality

Our staffs are well-selected and well-trained, most of us are locals, and we were born here and have lived here for most of our life: we have the local knowledge as well as local insights. We tend to use a lot of local services such as home stay, home meals, local guides, local porters are hill tribe people…so that we can make things more cost-effective for our clients; the clients get the real chance to encounter the locals and get their perspectives, their life and their thinking; the locals have the opportunities to practice their language skills, to get to know the outside world and to earn an income.

Most of our groups are small and sustainable tourism is on the forefront of our agenda. If Lotussia Travel is successful then our local host shall benefit as well.

Safety Ahead!

Principally, Lotussia Travel requires all the trip associates to know the destinations well by any means of traveling or enquiry to the local travel suppliers to figure out all the relative details of any trip. For adventure tours such as trekking, hiking tours, kayaking tours, motorcycling, biking tours, scuba diving tours, Lotussia Travel will never add any new routes into available schedule until survey or pre-view it. We master all the trips routes and destinations we provide ensuring that you enjoy peace of mind with our travel experts!