Brand Name

If this is the first time you visit our website you may have a question in your mind: “What does LOTUSSIA mean?”

The word “LOTUSSIA” itself can’t be found in any dictionary (2007). Then is it meaningless?

Our answer is “no”. To us, LOTUSSIA stands for “The Country of Lotus”.

We chose the symbol of Lotus as our brand name. Because Lotus has left a distinctive hallmark in the soul and life of the Vietnamese people. Lotus don’t live in the city; they grow up in village pond in the countryside which usually far from crowded town and civilization. Lotus grow up from the mud which is considered as dirty and stink thing; Yet, but bear no mud’s stink.

Lotus is very dear and near to Buddhism. Buddha’s statues are made to sit on lotus-shaped seats. Many decorative motifs at temples, pagodas and houses stylize lotus Village pagodas usually look onto a lotus pond. Lotus blooms are respectfully offered to Buddha’s and ancestors’ altars.

In daily life, lotus is used for many purposes, in traditional medicine and as food and drink.

Lotus shoot, seed-pot and seed core are used as blood coagulant. Lotus stamen serves as a black hair dye and blood tonic. Lotus seed and seed core are used to make a tranquilizer. Lotus seed is also used as a tonic for neurasthenia.

In Eastern medicine, food is also considered a medicine. Therefore, it is not surprising to see many dished made of lotus parts. In August and September of the lunar calendar, big, round lotus leaves are used as packaging material for green rice flakes, adding to both the greenness and scent of the snack. Brownish or whitish lotus shoots are stewed with pork ribs, chicken or duck to make a excellent dish. Lotus seed mixed with minced pork, onion, Jew’s ear, green rice flakes, and then stuffed into a pigeon or check for stewing is served to connoisseurs. Lotus seed is also used to make candy during the lunar New Year festival and to cook sweetened porridge as a refreshment conductive to sleeping.

On an early summer morning in Vietnam, strolling along the shore of a lotus covered lake amidst a breeze wafting in the scent of lotus is an ideal pleasure. The stroller feels all his stress suddenly disappears and in its place comes a feeling of great relief, just as Word worth described daffodils in Lake District.

And Lotussia Travel is delighted to bring you this unique experience…