We have mountain bicycles, push-bikes, and small bikes for children from ages eight and up.

Trek Bicycles

These Trek bicycles are used our cycling tours including both easy day ride around Hanoi and multi-day road cycling, mountain biking in Vietnam. We recommend the Trek bikes for any tour with a high percentage of off-road, single dirt tracks, roads on gravel, slippery trails. The fleet includes different size that can fit rider of 2m height.

Giant Bicycles

Our fleet of Giant’s includes both Giant mountain bikes (big tires) and anyroad bikes (small tires). The Giant mountain bikes are used for our day trips and short excursions from Hanoi while Giant AnyRoad bikes are recommended for long rides on paved roads. The Giant AnyRoad bikes are effective on our Hanoi Hue cycling tour, Ha Giang mountain biking.


The following push-bikes are only available in some destinations where we operate easy and fun bike ride such as Tam Coc, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh, Mai Chau, and Duong Lam. These single-speed bike are good for 5-10K ride on flat roads, in rural area.

Children Bikes

These children bikes are available in our bike shop in Hanoi, and we recommend these bikes for children of 6-8 years, with a cycling distance of 5-10K maximum. Book these bikes for your children when you ride in rural area, countryside village. All the kid bikes have no gear, they just need to know how to ride a bicycle.

Bike Trailer