In order to make your search easier and less painful among our big collection of packages, we are happy to write below our simple booking guide.

Submitting a tour inquiry is not an act of reserving a tour, but rather a way of establishing communication with our local travel consultant who will be helping with your tour. Tour booking will be confirmed with payment only when you are totally delighted with your personalized tour plan.

The following steps simply show you how to book a tour with us.

[1] Send an Enquiry

Our website is designed to give you an idea of the wealth of travel possibilities we offer. We have suggested some itineraries based on travel style, tour activity and destination, and these can be used as a basis for your trip or you may prefer to create your own itinerary. Brower our sample tours to select the tour that most suit you, and fill out the enquiry form at the same page or email us at travel at

If none of our sample tours meet your expectation and you would like to plan your own trip. Just fill out a custom tour plan form to tell us the things you want to see and do, the places you want to stay, we will customize a tour to fit your needs. Kindly note that we do not require any credit card details when you complete the form.

[2] Get a Quote

Based on your enquiry and requests, a Lotussia Travel consultant will design a plan for your tour including details of hotels, transfers, sightseeing, dining, etc, and offer you a price that is quoted based exactly on your group size, tour frame, and the services we include in the package. If you find our price too high/low, that is possible that the hotel category or the hotel room, the boat, the restaurants… are not in the line you expect. Please tell your travel consultant about this. He/she will make another quote which may come closely to your needs and budget.

Kindly be informed that our price is value-for-money. We don’t increase our price for you to negotiate.

[3] Amend your Tour for Free

Once you have read through the itinerary and our service proposal, we will answer any further questions and refine the tour or related travel service until you are totally satisfied. Just feel free to express your wishes, and take good advantages of your personal travel consultant’s experience and advice.

[4] Confirm & Pay Deposit

4.1 – Send your confirmation

If you are totally satisfied with our tour itinerary and service proposal, please send us a fax or an email to confirm that you are completely satisfied with our service proposal.

4.2 – Pay a deposit

A deposit is required to confirm the booking. The balance needs to be paid in full before your arrival in Vietnam. If we receive your booking less than 30 days prior to the tour start date, the payment needs to be made in full when you confirm the tour. Kindly note this may take up to 7 days or even 10 days before the money activates our account. This depends on the banks where your account and our account are open.

The payment methods we accept include: Bank Transfer, Western Union, PayPal.

Please double check with our travel consultant to see if all the proposed trip services are still available when you confirm the tour. You should read our Booking Terms and Conditions before making any payment/deposit.

[5] Booking Reservation

The booking process begins when we receive your deposit, at which point we can start to confirm the trip, the accommodation and related services for your trip. So please let us know as soon as you make the wire in order that we can launch the booking reservations.

It may happen that some of those proposed services are no longer available after your confirmation. In that case we will book similar service of the same category and we will discuss with you about the change before booking.

[6] Review your booking

Our travel consultant will send you the final version of your tour itinerary (Service Agreement) after all the tour services are reserved and confirmed by our local suppliers including Airlines companies, hotels, boat teams… Please read it again to make sure that you do not miss a thing.

Starting from that time, there may be fees for any adjustment or cancellation.

[7] Final Payment & Enjoy your tour

Upon your arrival in Vietnam, you will be greeted by Lotussia Travel local team and transferred to your hotel in town (if the service is included). You can pass by our office for paying the remainder or we can come to your hotel to pick the money up.

Please inform us in advance your preferred method of payment such as cash, credit card or traveler’s checque. If you would like to pay by credit card, we will bring our imprint machine. There is a fee if payment is made by credit card. We don’t accept Traveler’s Checques. Our guide/driver can take you to a bank where you can withdraw the money.

Stillt have question? Contact us here